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Speed Test

Here you can easy, fast and free perform a speed test of your DSL connection. Press on «Begin Test». The measurement takes about 10 seconds do finish.

DSL SpeedTest / DSL Test

For DSL Speed Test Please note the following: the result is not always accurate, the speed check always depends on various factors. Therefore, the measurement should be interpreted only as a guide.

Please leave other Internet applications closed during the measurement, otherwise the test results will be inaccurate.

How is it measured?

Speed Test
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During testing, the speed test file is loaded into your browser. After about 10 seconds we check how much data has been downloaded. With reference to the time required for the data to be downloaded, the approximate speed DSL can be determined. It is important that the server that contains the test file should be fast. We rely on a single high-end server, so the result is highly accurate.

Internet Test / DSL Speed TEST

Click in the lower field on BEGIN TEST, to initiate the test. Make sure that no other applications will have access to the Internet during the test speed.

Internet Speed Test
Press «Begin SpeedTest» below to start measuring your internet speed. The test takes about 10 seconds.
Begin SpeedTest
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How to start the test speed of Internet traffic:

Click on «BEGIN TEST», in the box above to start the internet speed test. The test will start and then it usually takes a few seconds to complete. After completing the test, you will be given the opportunity to test again on another server that is closest to your current location.

What do I need to use the speed test?:

To use, all you need is a modern web browser that supports HTML5, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. You do not need to install any software to use It works completely in your browser on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. A slight difference of 10-15% is normal, because the test may not be accurate (depending on the server load, you can get different results). If the difference exceeds 30%, then measure the speed a bit later or try to check on another server (see link above). Some Internet service providers offer their own speed tests.

We take no responsibility for the results of a test of Internet speed, as the accuracy of the test depends on many factors.

Internet speed test for your website.:

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We recommend that you also use other services to avoid variations in server
» Internet Speed Test

 * This test can not be used as evidence at an Internet service provider (DSL). Measurement is subject to fluctuations. We take no responsibility for the outcome. When you are in doubt, let your Internet service provider measure the speed of the line.

DSL Speedtest

DSL Speed Test measures the performance of data transfer of your own DSL provider. Both uploading and downloading of data is checked and compared with the values of other tests from this DSL provider. DSL speed test provides important information about whether the quality of your own provider corresponds to DSL contract. It can also provide information on whether or not your own network is subject to considerable fluctuations.

How does the DSL Speed Test work in details?

Speed ​​Test is a program available on the web server. When you run the test with the help of a web browser, the web server first carries one or more files into user’s browser cache. If multiple files are used, they are designed in different sizes and with different compression. With the data transfer, the measurement of the download speed becomes possible. Subsequently, the same data is sent back to the web server, so that the efficiency of uploaded files can be determined. As a rule, the rate of the data load is significantly worse than that of the downloads.

What limitations should be considered in the measurement results?

Nevertheless, it should be noted that the results of a measurements are not very significant. In parallel with the current measurement the network is running other processes that can affect the speed. Therefore, make sure that there are no other data transmissions in the network during the test. In particular, only one computer in the network must be active. Only one instance of the browser must be running and other activities should be avoided on this computer. It is also necessary to ensure that no antivirus or other software performes updates at the time of testing. When all these things are taken into account you still have to perform several measurements at different times in order to detect the universal value of the DSL speed test results. If you copmpleted several measurements, we can easily determine the average value of the measurements as a real transfer speed for the DSL connection.

DSL and Wi-Fi(WLAN)

Speed Test has large variations, if you use Wi-Fi for it. Since the internal WLAN may depend on various factors, that affect its performance capabilities. Usually located in urban areas, many wireless networks are in conflict with each other, especially when they have to work on the same frequency. If you want to have good and meaningful results for your DSL speed test, you should try to connect trough a wired network to the Internet. If necessary, you will be successful, if you can be sure that your own wireless network has a frequency that is different from all other wireless networks in the area.

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